Tragedy visited Jos plateau community as two men identified as Saminu Idris and Idris Dahiru where said to have been killed by locally smoke charcoal room warmer. This ugly incidence happen at Gengari community, in north local Government Area of Jos.

THE AM NEWS  gather information that, the drama happen at about 12.30 am when the deceased had burnt charcoal that will be use to warm their room before going to bed because of the low temperature the are is facing for some days now.

Source make the Press to believe that smoke produce were inhaled by the deceased make them to suffocate in the room.

meanwhile the father of the deceased said, it was a shock when we wake up to find the body of their son lying on the ground in the morning.

The elder brother to the deceased, Kabiru Idris who was also at the same house with deceased said, the due came back at about 11.30 pm that day before every body later went to bed. Kaburu said, he was the person that smell some odour in the morning when he wake up from bed. according to him, he said i look around the house to know what was smelling, thinking it was my wife that ploughed  some thing because electricity was restore back by then, i fine out that the odour was not from there, i open the window to cheek, i called my brother name twice but he did not answer, neither his friend, then i called people around which we force the door open, but we could not enter due to the intensive of the smoke. When we finally fine our way to the room, we fined them both dead.

What am thinking is that the smoke killed them in the room, Mr Kabiru said.

Bello Lukman Unity Fm 93.3 Jos wrote:

Despite the intense cold in Jos city, let’s still be cautious: Saminu and Idris are intimate friends, they live in Gangare area of Jos North. They are both 25 years old.

On Friday, 3rd January, as a result of the excruciating cold in Jos , they took a charcoal ladened fire into their room not knowing the smoke from charcoal could be poisonous. They were both found dead in the room yesterday morning. May God Almighty forgive their sins and may we never experience such. Ameen/ Amen.”