Nigeria Woman Run Away With Her Boy Friend After 6 Days Of Their Wedding

Nigeria tend to be a country that has so many drama people living inside, some time it look like as we all are Nollywood actors and actress.

This time, it really look  like Nollywood movie, when a woman that just got married for just one week run away with her boyfriend.

Source from the face book user, Angela Damla said the bride is yet to be fund after she has run away with her boyfriend.

Angel claim the bride run away with her child hood friend, who just graduated from the Bauchi Polytechnic, who base in Jos. Angela said she attended the wedding, we even leave together at the same place said Angela.

Report from another friend called Inusa said, the couple have been dating for the past six years before their both tie the knot.

THE AM NEWS got a report that, According to the story, the bride was force to marry the groom, the bride was with her husband when the order guy called her to meet him up at the venue there both run away. Inusa said may be the guy have jazzed the lady to listen to him, because some thing of this nature happen 6 months ago in the same town.