Here is a cheaper alternative form for signing Declan Rice

Here is a cheaper alternative form for signing Declan Rice

With rumors about Chelsea’s interest to make Declan Rice their last signing in this transfer window getting more often and serious, there are a few inquiries they are naturally asking themselves. 

The first thing that causes a commotion is the approaching value West Ham have set for their best player. For a young player that is yet to improve himself at the most elevated level of football, £80m sounds too much. We all realize that domestic players in the Premier League are regularly overrated, and it’s a similar case with the young England international. He is without a doubt exceptionally capable but presently not even close to the asking value set on him,Mainly because he plays for a bottom of-the-table club and has no involvement with the European competitions.

Another fact against signing Rice for a senseless amount of money is that there are some high-class major players in his playing position at Chelsea. We can say that Kante and Kovacic are a solidified starting two, with Jorginho and Gilmour giving in excess of a solid competition. Possibly Frank would readily sell Jorginho to make room for Rice, however no clubs are as of now inspired by his services and actually he is remaining a Blue for this season. In addition, we previously signed a great number of players up until now and it is difficult to quickly fit them all in.

Finally, we can’t hide the fact that West Ham survived just 5 points in the Premier League last season and they could undoubtedly get relegated this season. Presently for reasons unknown, six point they won against Chelsea spared them last season, and Chelsea ought to truly need not to permit that again this season. Presently Chelsea have more reasons than any time in recent memory for that, other than the historical fierce rivalry between the two London clubs. Also, when they relegate, Chelsea can go for Rice undeniably more cheaper next transfer window.

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this 29 way of thinking it the reason Chelsea is not moving forward, let take for instance how many 19 y old is playing for a top team in the world just mention the team.

Tbizzy M Ogungbe

Ndidi is definitely a better all round player and a much cheaper option. Lampard leaves, he becomes another Danny Drinkwater.