Happy Independent day Anniversary to Angolan and Africa, messages and wishes to the citizens.

Happy Independent day Anniversary to Angolan and Africa, messages and wishes to the citizens.

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When is Angolan Independence Day?

Independence Day is a national holiday in the Republic of Angola on November 11th each year.

If November 11th falls on a Wednesday, the following working day will be a holiday.

The holiday was established to celebrate the anniversary of Angola’s independence from Portugal on this date in 1975. This is Angola’s National Day.

History of Angolan Independence Day

The region now known as Angola was first visited by Europeans by the Portuguese explorer Diogo Cão in 1484. Over the following centuries, the Portuguese established settlements and trading posts along the Angolan coast. It was not until the 20th century that Portuguese control extended to the interior region of Angola.

Did you know?

Angola is known for its unusual rock patterns, vast gorges, and waterfalls.

The first movement towards independence for Angola began in the 1950s with the creation of political groups wanting self-determination for Angola.

The Portuguese regime at the time refused to countenance any moves by its colonies towards independence and the independence movement in Angola was suppressed. this led to an armed guerilla campaign that began in 1961 becoming the Angolan War of Independence. The war only came to an end when a military coup in Portugal in April 1974 overthrew the regime of Estado Novo. The new Portuguese government then called a cease-fire and stopped all military action in the African colonies, declaring its intention to grant them independence without delay.

The three main guerrilla groups formed a transitional government in January 1975. Fighting soon broke out between these groups as they vied to gain control of the country. With support from Cuba, one of the groups, the People’s Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA), took control of Angola’s capital, Luanda, and declared independence on November 11th 1975.

Did you know?

The capital Luanda has been the world’s most expensive city for ex-pats since 2013.

How is Angolan Independence Day Celebrated?

Angolan Independence Day is celebrated with festivals, parades, and formal ceremonies across Angola.

How African countries Celebrate Angola Independence.

Angola celebrates its independence day, the 45th anniversary of self-rule which was attained in 1975 from Portugal.

The armed struggle (Angolan War of Independence/Portuguese Colonial War) for the country’s independence started in 1961. The struggle was fought by three movements, the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA), the National Front for the Liberation of Angola (FNLA), and National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA) (the three later fought between themselves).

Independence was attained after the three parties MPLA, UNITA, and FNLA signed the Alvor Agreement, which ended the war of independence. The Portuguese government agreed to recognise the independence of its colonies, including Angola.

Angola turns 41: Happy Independence Day (Feliz Dia da Independência). Photo: ANP/AFP Pedro Inacio
Angola turns 41: Happy Independence Day (Feliz Dia da Independência). Photo: ANP/AFP Pedro Inacio

Angola’s Independence Day is a public holiday, which is celebrated every year. The day honours the country’s fallen heroes, its gallant son and daughters who fought for the independence of their country from Portuguese colonial rule.

Thousands of  freedom fighters were killed during the liberation war. Many were executed, jailed, tortured or maimed and thousands were detained in appalling conditions in the fight against colonialism.

We honour all those who sacrificed their lives during the struggle against Portuguese colonialism and remember all those who died in subsequent revolutions. May peace prevail in Angola.

Happy Independent celebration messages and wishes to your loved ones

1. From Struggle… To Freedom… To Progress… Angola moves forward. Celebrating with you the pride of being part of a nation as Angola will celebrate their 45th Independent this day Wednesday 11th, 2020. We say Happy Independence Day!

2. Our free life today is the result of 45 years of struggle and sacrifice of many thousands… Big Salute to those great lives. Happy Independence Day!

3. Let us pay homage to all the brave hearts… Who gave their lives for the next generation… We are proud to celebrate with all Angola citizens Happy Independence Day!

4. We are proud to be a part of our glorious African nation… And we hoist the red flag high… Sending you warm wishes… on Happy Independence Day!

5. As Angola completes another glorious year of her Independence… Here’s wishing you a Happy Independence Day… To all proud Angolan.

6. As we celebrate Angola today, we should restructure our attitude from the way we do things, to the way things needs to be done.Say no to corruption and every member of Angola needs to be given a sense of belonging.long live Angola.

7. Let us celebrate the glory of Free Angola and uphold the Pride and Honor of being a Angola. Happy Independence Day!

8. I wish you a full filled independence day that rings in our mind how much we have achieved as a country. Let’s build an indivisible nation that is filled with peace, love and happiness. Let’s build Angola.

9. Sending you warm wishes on this Independence Day. Let us salute those great lives who made Angola proud. Happy Independence Day!

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Happy Independence Day Angola wishes

10. The struggles by our heroes for independence has not ended. We can contribute our Quota by striving for prosperity and betterment of this great country.
Have a blissful independence celebration.

11. United as one, we can change everything we don’t like in Nigeria.
By working together and striving hard, our good hope and plans will become reality.
Happy Independence day friends. Let’s enjoy this freedom.

12. Rejoice today, November 11,2020 is a day all Angolan must Celebrate and always remember that all African countries are celebrating with you as the country clock 45 years of Independent today.
Remember the dreams of our past heroes. Let’s make those dreams a reality. Happy Independence.

13. Have a wonderful independence day for I am honoured to be part of this great nation, the proud black of Africa. Its time to show other nations how our diversities make us rather than break us.

14. Our past heroes did their very best to get us this day to celebrate our freedom.
let’s do our best to make Angola the nation they dreamt of. Let’s make Angola a vibrant nation to envy.

15. Its time to do something for Angola, if Angola has not done anything for you.

16. Its time to make Angola stand on its feet again, to battle its enemies. Not just for today, but forever.

17. the patriotism of the people who gave lives to free Angola. Happy Independence Day!

18. May the Pride and Glory of being Angola remain in your heart forever… Happy Independence Day!

19. May the Angolan  flag always fly high… Warm wishes on this grand occasion of Independence Day!

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20. Let us rejoice in happiness and indulge in celebration… Saluting them who made it possible… Who made Angola stand high and mighty. Let us make them our inspiration. Happy Independence Day!

Nigerians rejoice with Angola on its 45th Independence Anniversary.