Angry driver shoots 2 children for throwing balls at cars

Angry driver shoots 2 children for throwing balls at cars

A yet-to-be-identified driver who was visibly angry has allegedly shot dead two children for throwing snowballs at passing cars in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

According to Milwaukee Police, the children were playing with a group of children on Saturday evening before the shooting occurred.

The driver was said to have shot at the children after one of the snowballs struck a white Toyota while they were hurling snowballs at passing cars.

Milwaukee Police


On Saturday, January 4, 2020, at approximately 7:50 p.m., the Milwaukee Police Department responded to a shooting on the 6100 Block of West Birch St. Upon arrival officers found a 12 year old Milwaukee female suffering from a non-life threatening gunshot wound.

Police found the 12-year-old girl and the 13-year-old boy minutes apart.

The girl was shot twice and the boy was shot once.

The report also said that both of their injuries were non-life-threatening and are being treated at a local hospital, police said in a tweet.

the AM News learned that The Milwaukee police have begun a serious search for the suspect who shot the two children.